Goodbye Alpha - Alpha Taxis Retirement

Goodbye Alpha Taxis

It is the end of an era! As of Monday 27th May 2019, after nearly 32 years in business the owners of Alpha Taxis, Aubrey and Merrill, have decided to take their well earned retirement.

Cars - Alpha Taxis, Teignmouth

There has already been some rumours about the circumstances of the closure, but this should end any speculation about Alpha Taxis Teignmouth and Aubrey and Merrill.

Merrill & Aubrey - Alpha Taxis, Teignmouth
Merrill & Aubrey enjoying their well earned retirement.

The business has been closed down and has not gone into liquidation.

We would like to thank all our valued customers and staff past and present.

We have really appreciated all your support over the past 30 years!