Heat Wave | Alpha Taxis (Teignmouth)

Summer arrives just in time for school holidays

Hot weather map - Alpha Taxis, TeignmouthUp until now the summer has been a wash-out with heavy rain and thunderstorms across the country and one of the muddiest Glastonburys on record.

But it has finally arrived – albeit briefly – with temperatures better than the 27C (81F) holidaymakers found in Tenerife.

Hundreds of thousands of us stripped off in the sun as the mercury reached 31C (88F), making Saturday the hottest day of the year so far… well until Sunday, and it’s still lasting.

Health warnings have been issued as the Met Office predicted 35C (95F) heat – just shy of the UK’s July record of 36.7C and well above the 22C average.

Kids on the Beach - Alpha Taxis, Teignmouth

It is a result of a wave of hot air from Africa, which as well as hot days has led to uncomfortable nights. Sunday temperatures were expected to go no lower than 22C (72F), making it one of the hottest nights in memory. Health officials suggested sleeping with the windows open and using fans.

The Met Office, said: “The warm air will drift towards the South-East and allow a little bit of a breeze to bring the air across the entire country, meaning it will get very warm.

“If you don’t like the heat, be sure to cover up and stay out of direct sunlight, particularly around midday today and tomorrow.”

But it may not last, with the Met Office predicting some thundery downpours in the North-East, Midlands and Wales from Today which could bring a month’s rain in two hours, while the South-East will be fresher with sunny spells and some showers.

So make the most of it!

Source – Daily Mail